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Electronic engineer entrepreneur, self-taught, responsible, creative and goal-oriented. He is a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science & Engineering at Lehigh University under the supervision of Prof. David Saldaña. He belongs to Swarms lab and Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory AIRLab at Lehigh University. He is a candidate to earn an MSc. in control engineering at the University of Ibague, Colombia, under the direction of Prof. Oswaldo Lopez.

He worked for a company called Ideas Disruptivas in Mexico, where, as a project manager, he helped develop the first Mexican 3D printer with a clear educational purpose. The most outstanding project I have worked on is called pretty hand where a mechanical-electronic hand was designed for people needing hand prosthesis; it was a low-cost social project.

During my master’s degree, I was chair of the IEEE student branch chapter and chair industrial application society at the University of Ibague.


  • Multi-rotor systems, self-assembly algorithms, cooperative flying robots.
  • Quadcopters
  • Manipulation with deformable objects.
  • Robot motion planning
  • Advanced control strategies


  • Ph. D. in Computer science and engineering, 2025

    Lehigh University

  • Master in control engineering, 2019

    Universidad de Ibagué

  • Electronic engineer, 2017

    Universidad de Ibagué



Five years of teaching experience.


Three years working as engineer in Mexico


Contributing, Creativity, Leadership, Helpfulness.

Result oriented



Experience in writing scientific paper and research reports.


Programmin in

Phyton, ROS, MATLAB, C, C++, Assembler.

Design 3D models

Solidworks, Rino, Sketchup.

Mountain bike

This is my hobby - I usually drive to office on bicycle.



Ph.D. Student

Lehigh University

Aug 2021 – Present Bethlehem, PA, US
Currently studying the manipulation of the objects by using aerial robots and cables.

Visiting scholar

Lehigh University

Feb 2019 – Aug 2021 Bethlehem, PA, US
Research assistant: Study and analyze physical interaction between aerial and objects. robots.


Universidad de Ibagué

Feb 2019 – Aug 2019 Ibagué - Tolima, Colombia
Teachig: digital electronics.

Teacher assistant

Universidad de Ibagué

Jan 2018 – Nov 2018 Ibagué - Tolima, Colombia
Assistant professor teaching: precalculus, mechanical physics and differential calculus, linear algebra, control systems, power electronics.

Research assistant master student

Universidad de Ibagué

Jul 2017 – Dec 2019 Ibagué - Tolima, Colombia
Collaborating in the research project: ‘Planta piloto de microred híbrida MIREDHI-LAB: Una alternatíva de gestión inteligente de energía para aplicaciones rurales.’

Research assistant undergrad student

Universidad de Ibagué

May 2016 – Feb 2017 Ibagué - Tolima, Colombia
Thesis work: Develop an stability and autonomous navigation control system for a quadcopter, using raspberry Pi and shield Navio2.

Engineering and innovation department manager

Ideas Disruptivas

Jul 2012 – Jan 2015 Ciudad de México, México
Development of innovation projects based on technology and 3D printing, support in the creation of the first Mexican 3D printer. The Pretty Hand project leader, a low cost prosthesis.


Teacher Development Certificate

Recognition of successful completion of the Teacher Development Program Level 1 for Graduate Students.
See certificate

Optimization seminar

See certificate

Finalist MathWorks Minidrone Competition

The MathWorks Minidrone Competitions pretended to introduce participants into Model-Based Design using Simulink. The participants had to design a line follower algorithm for a minidrone. The competition consisted of two rounds. Teams that passed from Round 1 were invited to participate in Round 2. This competition was hosted by MathWorks.

  • Round 1 Simulation: Design of virtual algorithms by using Simulink.
  • Round 2 Simulation and Hardware Deployment: Deployment of the algorithm designed in round 1, on a Parrot minidrone.
See certificate

Predictive control and its application to thermal energy systems

See certificate

México conferences

Conferences about the new technology tendencies, 4th industrial revolution and 3D printing. Tabasco, México.
See certificate


Autonomous operation of a hybrid microgrid using centralized and distributed control

In this section, it describe the master thesis proposal about to microgrid hybrid control.

Modelling, identification and control of a quadcopter

In this section, you will find my research report to obtain the title of electronic engineer.

Robotics + Control

SIRUI is research hotbed from the Engineering Research Group D+TEC.

The Pretty Hand

The social project on a low-cost hand prosthesis developed.

Recent Publications

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(2021). The Catenary Robot: Design and Control of a Cable Propelled by Two Quadrotors. IEEE RAL.


(2020). Continuous Simulation of the Power Flow in AC–DC Hybrid Microgrids Using Simplified Modelling. MDPI - Applied Sciences.


(2020). In editor revision: Chapter 2 - Hysteresis control methods. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


(2019). A Single-Phase Transformer-Based Cascaded Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter with Balanced Power Distribution. IEEE Access.


(2019). Automatic Fault Detection in a Cascaded Transformer Multilevel Inverter Using Pattern Recognition Techniques. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

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  • 111 Research Dr, Bethlehem, PA 18015
  • Skype Me